Best 108 Hanuman Names For Baby Boy: Meaning and Significance

Choosing the Best 108 Hanuman names for baby boy is an important task for parents, as it reflects their hopes, aspirations, and the values they want in their child.

Choosing a name for a baby boy is important as it shapes his identity and influences how he is going to be perceived by others. As we know a name carries cultural, social, and personal significance, reflecting the values of a family. A Unique name can imply a sense of belonging and pride which is directly connected to the child’s self-esteem and confidence. 

The right name can inspire qualities like strength, intelligence, or kindness in a baby. A well-chosen name can also facilitate social interactions and create a positive first impression in different aspects of life. It becomes very confusing for parents when selecting a name that has significant meaning that can have a lifelong impact on their child’s sense of self and place in society.

In this article, we will explore a list of Hanuman names for baby boys, along with their meanings and significance.

Why Hanuman’s Names Are Good for Baby Boy

Hanuman’s names are considered good for a baby boy for several reasons:

  • Divine Connection: Hanuman Ji is a supreme deity in Sanatan Dharma. Hanuman is known for his unwavering devotion, strength, and courage. When parents select Hanuman’s name for their baby boy, it establishes a divine connection of their child to Hanuman from the beginning. As a result, their child starts showing qualities and virtues embodied by Hanuman Ji, such as devotion, bravery, and righteousness.
  • Spiritual Significance: Every name of Hanuman Ji has spiritual significance because they are derived from ancient scriptures and hymns dedicated to him. When parents choose Hanuman’s name for their baby boy, it connects their child’s life with the spiritual energy and blessings associated with Hanuman. It creates a strong spiritual foundation and sense of connection for the child. 
  • Strength and Courage: Hanuman Ji is universally known for his immense strength and unmatched courage. His names also reflect these qualities, such as “Mahaveer” (great warrior) or “Parakrami” (powerful and courageous). When parents name their baby boy after Hanuman, it invokes and inspires these qualities in their child. It gives their child a sense of inner strength and fearlessness which empowers the child to face challenges with proper determination.
  • Cultural Heritage: Hanuman Ji holds a significant place in Sanatan Dharma and is revered by millions of people worldwide. When parents name their baby boy after Hanuman Ji, it keeps alive the rich cultural legacy and promotes a sense of belonging to Sanatan Dharma. 
  • Role Model and Inspiration: Hanuman Ji is considered as a role model and source of inspiration by his devotees. Hanuman’s extraordinary qualities, such as humility, selflessness, and dedication, make him an ideal role model for children to look up to. Naming a baby boy after Hanuman serves as a constant reminder of these virtues which inspires the child to emulate these qualities in his life.
  • Blessings and Protection: Hanuman Ji is known for giving unlimited blessings, protection, and guidance to his devotees. By naming a baby boy after Lord Hanuman, parents seek the divine blessings and protection of Hanuman for their child’s well-being and success in life. It creates a sense of spiritual safeguard and invokes a sense of divine grace throughout the child’s life. 

In this article, we will explore a list of Hanuman names for baby boy, along with their meanings and significance.


Here are 108 Names of Hanuman for Baby Boy along with their meanings

1AnjaneyaSon of Anjana
2MarutiSon of Marut (Wind God)
3BajrangOne with a strong body like thunderbolt
4MahaviraGreat warrior
5PavanputraSon of the wind
6Sankat MochanRemover of obstacles
7Kesari NandanSon of Kesari
8HanumatFull of knowledge and wisdom
9MahabalaPossessing great strength
10Rudra AvatarIncarnation of Lord Rudra
11VajrakayaOne with a body as strong as a diamond
12KapishLord of monkeys
13AmitabhaOne with infinite splendor
14Anjani SutaSon of Anjana
15DheeraCourageous and valiant
16Rama DutaMessenger of Lord Rama
17AnjaniputraSon of Anjana
18Sitarama SevakaDevotee of Lord Rama and Sita
19VaayuputraSon of the wind god
20DayasagaraOcean of compassion
21BhaktavatsalaOne who loves his devotees
22RameshtaBeloved of Lord Rama
23AnangadbhutiExtraordinarily handsome
24JitendriyaOne who has conquered his senses
25BhajrangiOne with a body as strong as a diamond
26Bhakta VatsalaOne who is affectionate towards his devotees
27Vanara VeeraValiant monkey warrior
28Sugreeva PriyaBeloved of Sugreeva
30Sanjeevani ButiLife-giving herb
31BhaktamanasDevotee of Lord Rama
32Rama BhaktiDevotion to Lord Rama
33BhagavantraGod’s emissary
34DhyeyaWorthy of meditation
35Maha KayaHaving a massive body
36ParakramiPowerful and courageous
37Pavana TanayaSon of the wind god
39Vibhishana PriyaFond of Vibhishana
40Bhima RoopaOne with a formidable appearance
41Rama SutaSon of Lord Rama
42PrabhaveLord of prowess
43Ananta ShaktiPossessing infinite power
44Bhaya NashanaDestroyer of fear
45KapirajKing of monkeys
46Rama BhaktaDevotee of Lord Rama
47Nandi VahanaOne who rides the bull Nandi
48NishacharaDestroyer of demons
49PratapavanaMighty and pure
50Pavana SutaSon of the wind god
51Veera HanumanCourageous Hanuman
52LokapujyaRevered by all beings
53Garuda DhwajaOne with the flag of Garuda
54Rama ShaktimanPossessing the power of Lord Rama
55Bhakta HanumanDevotee Hanuman
56Brahma SwaroopaEmbodiment of Lord Brahma
57Vayu TanayaSon of the wind god
58Jai KapeeshHail to the Lord of monkeys
59KapidhwajaOne with the flag of a monkey
60AtibalaExtremely powerful
62Abhaya PradaBestower of fearlessness
63MahatejasOf great splendor
64Sankata HaranaRemover of sorrows
65PranadevaThe life-giving god
66MahabuddhiPossessing great intellect
67Anjaneya VeeraValiant Hanuman
68Bhakta PriyaFond of devotees
69Rama Janaki SevitaServed by Lord Rama and Sita
70MahakapiGreat monkey
71Anjaneya SwaroopaEmbodiment of Hanuman
72DharmatmaRighteous soul
73MahasaktiPossessing great power
74Pavanasuta RamabhaktaDevotee of Lord Rama and the son of the wind god
75Mahavira BalaExtremely powerful and courageous
76Sugriva SevakaServant of Sugriva
77DharmatmaneRighteous soul
78Abhaya PradayaBestower of fearlessness
79Adbhuta RupaHaving a wondrous form
80Rama Sanjeevani BhaktaDevotee of Lord Rama and the one who revived Lakshmana with the Sanjeevani herb
81Shakti MayaFull of divine energy
82Anjani PriyaBeloved of Anjana
83DhanvantariDivine healer
84Hanumad Vishnu BhaktaDevotee of Lord Hanuman and Lord Vishnu
85Shri Rama SevitaServed by Lord Rama
86Sarva Karya Siddhi PradaBestower of success in all endeavors
87MahabuddhihPossessing great wisdom
88Surya PrabhaRadiant as the sun
89Rama Charana BhaktiDevotion to the lotus feet of Lord Rama
90MahatejaOf great brilliance
91MahaveeryaPossessing great valor
92Prabhave BhaktaDevotee of the Lord of prowess
93Bhima RupaOf formidable appearance
94Rama BhaktimanDevoted to Lord Rama
95GagananvayaDescendant of the sky
96Shri RamapriyaBeloved of Lord Rama
97Ananta ShaktimanPossessing infinite power
98Pavana TanayeSon of the wind god
99Rama Duta HanumanMessenger of Lord Rama
100LokapalaProtector of the world
101Bhakta ManoharaOne who captivates the hearts of devotees
102Vajra VanditaWorshipped by the thunderbolt (Indra)
103MahatapasviGreat ascetic
104ChiranjeeviImmortal being
105Rama RakshakaProtector of Lord Rama
106Bhakti VardhanaEnhancer of devotion
107Ananta RupaHaving infinite forms
108Dasa Nama Stotra PriyaFond of the recitation of the ten names (Dasa Nama Stotra)
Best 108 Hanuman Names for Baby Boy

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Hanuman Ji holds a significant place as a supreme deity known for his unconditional devotion, unmatched strength, and undying loyalty. He is an embodiment of courage, wisdom, and righteousness. Parents who want to have all these qualities in their baby boy must select the names of Hanuman Ji as an inspiration. Hanuman’s names not only carry deep spiritual meaning but also symbolize the virtues and characteristics associated with his divine personality. The names of Hanuman Ji has lot of options that have power, devotion, and resilience. Each name of Hanuman Ji carries a unique meaning and essence which represents the divine qualities of him.

FAQ – Best 108 Hanuman Names for Baby Boy

Are these names suitable only for baby boys?

Yes, the names listed here are specifically chosen for baby boys. However, parents have the freedom to choose any name they find appealing for their child, regardless of gender norms.

Where can I find the complete list of Hanuman names with their meanings?

You can find the complete list of 108 Hanuman names for baby boys, along with their meanings and significance, in the corresponding article provided by the

How many Hanuman names are included in this list?

This list features 108 Hanuman names for baby boys. The number 108 is considered sacred in Hinduism and is believed to have spiritual significance.

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