How Dhirendra Shastri Got His Powers And What Makes Him a Divine Soul

How Dhirendra Shastri Got His Powers: Welcome to, In this article, we are going to tell the Chronicles of Dhirendra Shastri: Unveiling the Origins of His Powers. We will discuss how an ordinary person began his journey from ordinary life to possessing unimaginable powers. This article may inspire you to explore your potential and discover the greatness within.

The Struggles and Sacrifices

One night it was raining heavily and Dhirendra K Shastri ji was hiding under the bed in a small house with his younger brother and sister. His parents were hiding from the dipping rainwater in a corner of the room. The roof of the house was dripping because of the heavy rain and they all were trying hard to prevent their eyes from getting wet.

They were so poor that there was nothing left to eat because they couldn’t go outside and look for food as it was raining heavily. They used to go outside and ask for food from others because his father was unemployed and they had no money. Their hunger was increasing with time and they all were crying.

Dhirendra Shastri got emotional and angry at his situation and the next day, he went to his grandfather, Dada Guruji. He used to live at Bageshwar Dham temple. His grandfather had some supreme divine powers and attainment at that time. Because of his powers many famous, rich people used to come to him to solve their problems.

The Divine Encounter

Dhirendra Shastri was angry with his grandfather and he told him that he was not helping them even after having so much power. Dhirendra Shastri asked him in anger why he was not helping them when he knew that there is nothing left to eat and they all were hungry. Dhirendra Shastri told him that they are his family and he should help them in this critical condition.

He even asked him why he was not doing good for them by helping them to get out of poverty. He also requested him to provide ways to get money or give him the location of any buried treasure so that he can fulfill the basic needs of his family.

After listening to Dhirendra Shastri, his Grandfather smiled and told him to come back at night.
Dhirendra Shastri was eagerly waiting for the night and when it was night he came back to Guru Ji. Guruji asked him to take a bath and come back in wet clothes.

Dhirendra Shastri went to the hill where he found a tap from which water was coming very slowly but even the slow water was not affecting him because he was very happy that Guruji is going to ease his problems. He took a bath and came back in wet clothes and sat with Guruji. After that, Guruji began special and sacred worship and did some rituals according to Sanatan dharma. While he was performing rituals, a very strong light started emerging from the Idol of Balaji, and because of the light Dhirendra Shastriโ€™s eyes were unable to open and he got scared. He asked his Guruji what was happening.

Then Dada Guruji told him that it is not an ordinary light but Balaji himself is trying to interact with him. After listening to this Dhirendra Shastri started crying as he was feeling the divine energy of Balaji. Then Dada Guruji held the hands of Dhirendra Shastri to confront him. Dhirendra Shastri was crying and he told Balaji “Aaj se hum aapke aur Aap humare” (From now on, I am yours and you are mine) and he surrendered himself in front of Balaji becoming.

Dada Guru Ji - Sanyasi Baba - Bala Ji Hanuman - Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

After that, Dada Guruji taught him some rituals and made him learn some methods which were used to talk to Hanuman Ji through Sanyasi Baba and said that to know the thoughts of Hanuman Ji, first of all, you have to talk to Sanyasi Baba, you have to feel him, you have to get invested in him. Guruji told Dhirendra Shastri that all these methods are proven methods that were kept secret and till now only he and Sanyasi Baba knew this. Around 300 years ago, Sanyasi Baba used to do Tapasya to invite the energy of Hanuman ji and to make that place (Bageshwar Dham) sacred. Guruji also got his powers from Sanyasi Baba by using this method.

When Dhirendra Shastri’s Powers Began To Show

After some time the worship and rituals got successful and Dhirendra Shastri began to realize that whenever someone is coming to him, he could hear their thoughts. This made him surprised and he went to Guruji to get the answers to why it was happening. Guruji told him that all those things were the beginning of his powers and he also told him to continue worship and deep meditation.

Dhirendra Shastri continued what his Guruji said. Dhirendra Shastri got his attainment at the age of 12 or 13. Since then he started sitting in the Divya Darbar and also started spiritual storytelling. He started answering people’s questions by reading about their past, present, and future.

Soon Dhirendra Shastri began to get more recognition from people because of his talent. He got very famous because he was the only spiritual person who could sit in Divya Darbar and then do spiritual storytelling for long hours.

Dhirendra Shastri Got Another Guru Ji

Dhirendra Shastri has another Guru Ji who is still alive, whose name is Shri Rambhadracharya Ji. He is blind but he has memorized RamCharitmanas, Vedas, Puranas, Geeta, etc. He knows 22 different languages and he can talk fluently in all of them. It is believed that there is no other wise man who is more spiritually knowledgeable than him alive at this time.

Shri Rambhadracharya Guru Ji

Dhirendra Shastri went to Chitrakoot to get Diksha from Shri Rambhadracharya Ji but it was not easy for anyone to get his Diksha because Guruji used to test people. (Diksha is very necessary for a person to grow spiritually). Many people used to come to him to get his Diksha but their soul was not pure and all they wanted was to get enlightenment.

But Dhirendra Shastri was the first person who impressed Shri Rambhadracharya Ji. He got impressed because Dhirendra Shastri was a pure soul and he wanted to get Diksha to grow more in his spiritual journey. A person with this kind of mentality was very rare in this modern world. Dhirendra Shastri was so pure-hearted that he used to see other women as his mother or sister. He didnโ€™t have any kind of ego or lust in him.

Shri Rambhadracharya Ji was surprised by Dhirendra Shastri because he has proven himself that he is worthy to get the Diksha and he decided to make Dhirendra Shastri his favorite disciple.

What Should We Learn From Dhirendra K Shastri

Dhirendra Shastri is the perfect example of a Mighty man with supreme powers but no ego. He never uses his powers to harm or manipulate people. He uses his powers to help people and he never disrespects anyone. He knows very well that nobody is even close to him of what he has but still, he is a very down-to-earth person. This quality is very rare in this modern world where everyone wants to get powerful to destroy or rule others.

We should learn from Dhirendra Shastri to be a good person. We Should also help people in need. We should respect others no matter who they are. We should also be down to earth even after getting Fame or money.

There is a famous quote: Power Corrupts People
But in reality, Dhirendra Shastri Proved this statement wrong by his goodwill and now we can say that Power never corrupts people but the People Corrupt Power.

Conclusion – What Makes Him a Divine Soul

In this article, you have got to know How Dhirendra Shastri Got His Powers And What Makes Him a Divine Soul. Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is a person who is blessed with the divine souls of Sanyasi Baba, Dada Guru ji, and Shri Rambhadracharya Ji Maharaj that’s why Dhirendra Shastri is a divine soul also. He never used his power in a bad manner to harm anyone.

FAQ – How Dhirendra Shastri Got His Powers

From where Dhirendra Shastri got his powers?

Dhirendra Shastri got his powers from Shri Dada Guru ji in the rainy season.

What can we learn from Dhirendra Shastri?

We should learn from Dhirendra Shastri to be a good person. We Should also help people in need. We should respect others no matter who they are. We should also be down to earth even after getting Fame or money.

Who are the two Gurus of Dhirendra Shastri

The two Gurus of Dhirendra Shastri are Dada Guruji and Shri Rambhadracharya Ji

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