Untold Story of 300 yrs old Bageshwar Dham? and Biography of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri

Bageshwar Dham: First of all, let’s explore the untold story of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, also known as Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. It’s essential to clarify the terms used by people about Bageshwar Dham and Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, as there is often a misconception about it.

Bageshwar Dham is a sacred place where Lord Hanuman (Bala Ji) is worshipped in the form of a Vigrah. In Sanatan Dharma (Hindu Dharma), a statue of a particular deity is called a Vigrah, which cannot be worshipped until a Pandit Ji performs the Pranpratishtha Kriya with the statue.

Bageshwar Dham Sarkar refers to the head of Bageshwar Dham. People often show respect to Dhirendra Krishna Shastri by referring to him as the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar, but he himself denies this title and humbly says that he is only a slave of Hanuman Ji. In reality, Hanuman Ji and Shankar Bhagwan is the true head of Bageshwar Dham, and therefore, he is the Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. You’ll know further how Shankar Bhagwan is also the head of Bageshwar Dham.

What is the history of Bageshwar Dham?

Bageshwar Dham is situated in the Garha village which is in the Chhatarpur District of Madhya Pradesh state. As Dhirendra Krishna Shastri told in their Katha and Divya Darbar, in Bageshwar Dham the Vigrah of Bala ji (Hanuman Ji) has automatically apparent from the earth 300 years back. In 1986, the grandfather of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri, Sant Setu Laal Ji Maharaj also known as Bhagwandas Garg came back from Chitrakoot after taking the Diksha. He reconstructed the temple in the same year. And in 1989 He organized a MahaYajna.

Following the MahaYajna, Bhagwandas Garg reinstated the Divya Darbar, which was initially established by Shree Shree 1008 Gole Maharaj Ji. According to the videos uploaded on the Bageshwar Dham YouTube channel, this place is the Taposthali of Sanyasi Baba, who was the guru of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. The credit for the positive energy and spiritual significance of Bageshwar Dham goes to Sanyasi Baba, who transformed it into a Tirthsthal(sacred place).

Dada Guru Ji - Sanyasi Baba - Bala Ji Hanuman - Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

Untold story of Bageshwar Dham

Devotees knows that this sacred place got name of Bageshwar because of Bala ji Maharaj (Lord Hanuman). But it is not true. There is one other temple of Shankar Bhagwan where Shankar Bhagwan is live in the form of Shivling. The story is that this place got the Bageshwar name because of Shankar Bhagwan.
Bag+ishwar = Bageshwar, Here Bag is denoted to Bagh(Tiger) and Bageshwar means of ishwar of Bagh(Tiger).

According a video of Dhirendra, When nobody was living at this place, many tigers visited to this place because of it is surrounded by forest and mountains. and there was already a Shivling here that’s why palace came to be known as Bageshwar. and it is sacred palace so devotees says Bageshwar Dham.

300yrs back, Sanyasi Baba was the first known person who got the Prerna(Inner voice) to visit this place. When he came & used to live here and started his tapasya here. That’s why this place got so much positive energy and became the Taposthali of Sanyasi Baba.

And after that automatically apparent Vigrah of Bala ji reestablished by Dada Guru ji. As the Hindus knows Bala ji is the another name of Hanuman ji and Hanuman ji the 11th avatar of Shankar Bhagwan.

Who is Dhirendra Krishna Garg?

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri’s title is Garg, which is his family name. His grandfather’s name was Bhagwandas Garg, his father is Ram Kripal Garg, and Saroj Garg is his mother.

Family Photo of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri
Left side is RamKripal(his father) and right side is Saroj Garg(his mother).

He was born on July 4, 1996, in Garha village of Chhatarpur district. He studied for a Bachelor of Arts (B.A). He comes from a very poor family, so poor that they could barely afford to eat two meals a day. One day, he became frustrated with his family’s poverty. He went to the Bageshwar Dham temple, which was 1-2 km away from his home. At that time, his grandfather (Dada Guru Ji) was the priest at the temple and held Divya Darbar there.

Dhirendra went to Dada Guru Ji and angrily told him, “You solve everyone’s problems in your Divya Darbar, but you are not aware of how badly my family is surviving.” Dada Guruji smiled, held Dhirendra’s hand, and took him to the Lord Hanuman Vigrah. He said to Dhirendra, “Demand to the Bala ji Hanuman, not to me.”

This incident shook off Dhirendra, and he understood what Dada Guru Ji was trying to say. From that day, he started honestly worshipping Bala Ji, and, as you know, he got everything he didn’t even know.

He accepted his grandfather and Sanyasi Baba as his Guru ji. After doing a lot of tapasya and sadhana, he also completed his 1-year agyatvaas (Agyatvaas means living secretly without anyone knowing your location and lifestyle. Generally living in the forest and mountains.) and got the siddhi, as well as taking Diksha from Jagatguru Shree Rambhadracharya ji Maharaj.

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri Transaformation
Transformation of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri

Dhirendra Krishna Shastri is not only popular for the Divya Darbar, in which they used to give the solutions to every type of problem of Devotees, they also do the Shri Ram Katha, Shrimad Bhagwat Katha, Shri Bhaktmal Katha, Devi Bhagwat Katha. In this Katha, he recites the real happened story of a particular god, goddess, or bhakta, he also does the musical samkirtan and bhajan program.

Where is Bageshwar Dham in India?

Bageshwar Dham temple is located in Garha Village. “Garha, Ganj, Chhatarpur, Madhya Pradesh, India 471105” is the proper address of Bageshwar Dham Temple. Chhatarpur is the district of Madhya Pradesh state. Ganj is a place where you have to leave the main road and take the inside road of 3km to Garha village where is Bageshwar Dham Temple at.

How to visit Bageshwar Dham?

To reach Bageshwar Dham, you have two options Train and Flight. Let’s see one by one the detail of both transportation Train and Flight. At the first, we’ll find the best and nearest railway station to reach the Dham and what would be the exact distance. and in the second, we’ll see the best and nearest airport to reach Dham-

How to reach Bageshwar Dham by Train

There are two nearest stations to Bageshwar Dham, the first is Khajuraho Station and the second is Chhatarpur Station.

How to reach Bageshwar Dham Sarkar from Khajuraho Station(KURJ)

Khajuraho Station is 20km away from Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. After reaching Khajuraho station, if you don’t have a private car, you can book a car otherwise you can take an autorickshaw. The Autorickshaw fare is Rs.50/per person to the Bageshwar Dham. If you have a car, first you have to go to Ganj on the Khajuraho Panna Road and take the turn inside from Ganj to the Dham, which is 3km away from Ganj.

Map Link of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar to Khajuraho Station – Click Here

How to reach Bageshwar Dham Sarkar from Chhatarpur Station(MCSC)

Khajuraho Station is 25km away from Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. After reaching Maharaja Chhatrasal Station Chhatarpur, if you don’t have a private car, you can book a car otherwise you can take an autorickshaw. You’ll have to come to Highway 39. If you have a car, first you have to go to Ganj on the Khajuraho Panna Road and take the turn inside from Ganj to the Dham, which is 3km away from Ganj.

Google Map Link from Chhatarpur Station to Bageshwar Dham – Click Here

How to reach Bageshwar dham by Flight

The nearest airport is Khajuraho Airport to the Bageshwar Dham. I have attached the google map from Khajuraho Airport to the Dham, the distance between is 35km. There is Car or Taxi available at the airport. You can book a private taxi. They’ll also drop you the Dham easily because they are local people and very friendly with the devotees of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. They are also devotees of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and the Dham.

If you have a private car, you’ll have to come to highway 39 from the airport. When you’ll reach the Ganj place, take the turn inside from the Ganj to Dham. Bageshwar Dham is 3 km away from the Ganj.

Google Map Link

Important Links of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar

Official WebsiteBageshwar Dham Sarkar Website
Facebook PageBageshwar Dham Page (Facebook)
InstagramBageshwar Dham Page (Instagram)
YouTubeBageshwar Dham Sarkar – YouTube
TwitterBageshwar Dham Twitter Account

How can you meet Bageshwar Dham Sarkar personally?

Yes, now the Token system has been canceled so you can meet Dhirendra Krishna Shastri every day when he would at the Dham in the Divya Darbar. It means he’ll hold Divya Darbar every day at the Dham so people can meet immediately if their Arji(Prayers) has approved by Bala ji Sarkar. You’ll have the opportunity to meet him every day. So only you have to focus on your Arji and follow the rules of Dham to approve the Arji.

How to apply Arji(Prayers/Wishes) sitting at home?

Arji means wishes that you want Bageshwar Bala Ji Maharaj to fulfill. If you are not able to come to Bageshwar Dham, you can apply Arji sitting at your home. Only you have to wrap a desiccated coconut into a piece of colored cloth. cloth color should be Red, White, Yellow, or Black. According to your wishes, you have to choose cloth like Red for normal wishes, White for Progeny, Yellow for getting married, and Black for negative energy.

While tying the coconut to the cloth, whisper your wishes and chant Om Bageshwaray Namah for 108 times. and put it safely in your home temple, and remember that when you’ll go to Dham you’ll have to carry it out with yourself.

How to know your Arji has accepted?

After applying the Arji at Dham or Home, you’ll have to chant Om Bageshwaray Namah 108 times daily in the morning while pooja in your home temple. Om Sanyasi Devay Namah chants this mantra at least 5 times after Om Bageshwaray Namah. When your Arji will be accepted by Bala ji Sarkar, you’ll see a continuous 2 days dream of Moneys, Bala Ji Sarkar Vigrah, and Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. If you don’t see the dreams, reapply the Arji after 7 days, and remember applying Arji on Tuesday or Saturday would be great.


In this world, people don’t think about the almighty god even a single second but in Bharat(India) you’ll see Dhirendra Krishna Shastri type of man who is especially blessed by Bala ji Hanuman. Who has dedicated his whole life to his bhakti and Sanatan Dharma. I hope you found many untold stories of Bageshwar Dham and Dhirendra Krishna Shastri. Shribageshwardham.com is not responsible for the fact but our team did deep research to find these stories and facts about the history of Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and the history of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar. If you find any query please feel free to ask, I’ll reply with full of info and honesty.

FAQ – Bageshwar Dham

Where is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri now?

Dhirendra guru ji usually stays at the Dham unless his program is not held outside. You can find the complete detail of his upcoming program here. If he has not any program outside, he stays at the Dham all the time. and He also holds the Divya Darbar per day at the Dham.

How many followers does Bageshwar Dham Sarkar have?

YouTube – 4.5 Million
Facebook – 3.9 Million
Instagram – 400K
Twitter- 113K
Total – 9 Million (approx.)

What is the history of Bageshwar temple?

I have covered all the untold history of the Bageshwar temple, to know these stories and facts read this article.

What is the name of Bageshwar Dham Sarkar and age?

In general, his name is Dhirendra Krishna Shastri and his age is 27 in 2023. But He doesn’t accept this title. You can read this article to know the reason.

Which is the nearest airport to Bageshwar Dham Sarkar?

Khajuraho Airport is the nearest airport to Bageshwar Dham. I have provided all the detail, if you want to visit Dham via Flight read this article to find the details.

What is the distance between Khajuraho and Bageshwar Dham?

It is 20 km from Khajuraho Station to Bageshwar Dham, and 35 km from Khajuraho Airport to Bageshwar Dham. I have provided complete details about how to reach Bageshwar Dham by train and flight; you can read this article.

Which railway station is near to Bageshwar Dham Balaji?

Khajuraho station (KURJ) is the nearest station to the Bageshwar Dham Balaji, 20 km away. If you don’t have the train to the Khajuraho Station, find the train to the Maharaja Chhatrasal Station Chhatarpur – MCSC, which is 25 km away from the Dham. To find the complete detail and google map link, read this article.

Which God is Bageshwar?

Shankar ji is the Bageshwar and Hanuman ji is the Bageshwar Bala ji in the reference of Bageshwar Dham.

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