How to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham: Step-By-Step Guide

Let’s understand what Arji does mean. Arji means a prayer to the Bala ji Sarkar to fulfill particular wishes. We’ll clearly understand the rule that you’ll have to follow for applying the Arji and what would be next after applying the Arji. I’ll guide you step-by-step on how to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham.

Arji is the only way to get the blessing of Bala ji Sarkar(Lord Hanuman). I must say that you can have many ways to get a blessing but Arji is the quickest way. Only you’ll have to follow some easy rules and keep strong faith in Lord Hanuman and the great saint of Bageshwar Dham Sanyasi Baba. Let’s have a look at the content of How to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home.

What is the Arji?

Arji is the just prayer or application to the Bala ji Sarkar about fulfilling your desired wishes. When you apply the Arji you’ll have to consider that you are directly saying your wishes to the Bala Ji Sarkar(Lord Hanuman Ji) and the more purity you say, the more purity he will listen to. You’ll feel that your particular wishes are the little things for the Bala ji to give to you if you are heart is pure Bala ji will give you more than you expect.

Let’s understand that how to apply the Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home. You’ll have to know about the proper process to apply so that your Arji got accepted quickly.

How to Apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home

If you have faith in God and are struggling in your love, married, professional, or personal life, then you should read this article on How to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham. Let me tell you to step by step the process of applying for Arji that Dhirendra Krishna Shashtri outlined in his video.

Here are the steps of how to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham-

Step 1: On Tuesday or Saturday, Get a bath before the sun rises and sit in front of your home temple. To apply the Arji, you’ll have to tie a water-free coconut to a piece of cloth saying your wishes to Bala ji Sarkar of Bageshwar Dham.

Step 2: Chant 108 times Om Bageshwaray Namah, and put that coconut in your temple.

Step 3: Follow the Brahmacharya for 4 days at least. Strictly avoid Onion, Garlic, Alcoholic Drinks, and all types of Tamasic food or drinks.

Step 4: Do the darshan of Bala ji Photo every day and chant 108 times Om Bageshwaray Namah daily.

How to tie a coconut in cloth.
Coconut tied in Red Cloth

After applying for the Arji, you need to consider some tricks to know whether your Arji has been accepted or not. Let’s know how to get to know the status of our Arji acceptance.

How many types of Arji are there in Bageshwar Dham

There are 4 types of Arji in Bageshwar Dham. The main difference is in the cloth in which you tied the coconut and other processes of how to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham are the same.

There are 4 types of clothes in which you’ll have to tie the water-free coconut. First is Red cloth which is used for normal wishes like money, home, land, career, job, etc. The second one is Yellow cloth, which is used for marriage problems like you are unable to find your life partner. Third is White cloth, which is used when you are facing any issue related to having a child after your marriage. and last fourth is Black cloth, which is specially used for facing any negative energy.

Usually, people ask, can anyone apply the Arji for someone? The answer is Yes, but he/she should be your family member. A parent can apply the Arji in yellow cloth for his son or daughter’s marriage.

How to know Arji has accepted or not

When you have applied your Arji you need to follow the Brahmacharya for 4 days. If your Arji has been accepted by Bala ji Sarkar, in your dream you’ll see the monkey/monkeys continuously for two days which means your Arji has been accepted. This dream can be seen by anybody in your family member. Don’t think your Arji has been accepted if you or any family member see the dream for only one day.

It means you have done a minor mistake while applying the Arji that’s why your Arji has not been accepted. Let’s tell me about how many types of Arji is there for different wishes.

What should you do if Arji has not accepted

If your Arji has not been accepted due to any mistake you might have Tamasic food or drink, you might have sexual activity and break your brahmacharya or you might not have chanted the mantra Om Bageshwaray Namah. And one more important mistake people do that is they don’t have complete trust in Bala ji Sarkar and Sanyasi Baba. They usually doubt Bala ji Hanuman whether will fulfill their wishes or not.

In short, you’ll have to trust Bala ji Hanuman completely. and if your Arji is not accepted then you should repeat the same process of applying Arji with rules which are described in 4 steps. You should follow the rules with complete faith. Just think you are demanding many wishes from him but you are not giving anything in return. Bala ji also expects something in return which is FAITH in him.

Another important thing is when your Arji got rejected, what should you do with your coconut? I’ll suggest you keep it in your temple and when you visit Bageshwar Dham in the future, you should carry it with you and tie your coconut in the Dham anywhere as it is. If you don’t have space in your temple, you can keep it outside also.

What should you do after your Arji got accepted

As you know, seeing the continuous dream of monkeys for 2 days means your Arji has been accepted. Now you have to prepare for going to Dham for Peshi, peshi means to be present in front of Bala ji Sarkar in Bageshwar Dham. This peshi should be on particular days according to your comfortability. You should start your peshi interval of 1 month, 2 months, 3 months, and 6 months according to how far you are from the Dham and what is the lifestyle schedule of your job or business. This peshi should be a minimum of 5-7 and a maximum of 21 as Dhirendra Krishna Shastri guru ji outlined in his video.

In these number of peshi, your wishes started to be fulfilled. If you have a long plan then your peshi should continue.

Bageshwar Dham Arji

There is a misconception about Bageshwar Dham Arji that it is paid service. No, Not at all, Bageshwar Dham Arji is just a process to fulfill your wishes by praying Bala ji Hanuman. and It can be done this process from your home.

Many people search about Bageshwar Dham Arji online, actually applying for an Arji is a business between Devotee and Hanuman ji. It can be done from your home with the above rules and regulation. If your Arji is done with a full of faith in Bala ji Hanuman, then your wishes will be started to fulfill for sure.

Conclusion is assuring you, Just believe in Bageshwar Balaji and apply your Arji sitting at home you’ll not get regret it if you are following the rules of Dham. If your Arji got rejected, reapply until your Arji will get accepted by Bala ji Sarkar. Maybe your application will be accepted within 5-7 times. I think you have got to know How to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home. If you have any queries do the comment I’ll reply 100% and will try to solve your query regarding how to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham. Kindly fill up the following to get an update on every news, events of Bageshwar Dham and spiritual facts, and articles on5 Hinduism.


How to apply Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home?

There are 4 steps for applying the Arji in Bageshwar Dham sitting at home. Along with this, I have mentioned some easy rules in this article to be accepted quickly. Here are the steps-

How to know your Arji got Accepted?

Seeing dreams of Monkey for two days assures that your Arji has been accepted by Bala ji Sarkar but there are some conditions with it. To know read this article and you’ll also know what should you do after getting accepted or rejected for your Arji.

What should you do to be accepted for your Arji?

Just follow the rules of Bageshwar Dham to get accepted your Arji quickly. Avoiding Tamasic foods and drinks is the first rule to get approved for your Arji and there are other rules, to find that read this article.

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      • When i see baba i feel koi bada bhagwan ka chota gussawala bhai jaise laxman ya mahabharat ka koi nakul sahdev ya jaise monkey god chota wala like angad 🙏baba ko dekhte he pahchan gaya❤️🙏🤣

        • जय श्रीराम!! मेरे सरकार मैं आपका पागल हूँ परन्तु बहुत परेशान हूँ। मेरे पास कोई काम नहीं है। प्रभु एक काम सोच है और उसका नाम भी सोचा है। कृप्या मार्गदर्शन करें। अगर मेरी अर्ज़ी स्वीकार भी होती है तो हालात ऐसे हो गए हैं कि आप तक पहुँचना भी मुश्किल है। प्रभु दया करो।

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      Jai Hanuman Maan

    • Jai Bhageshwar Balaji Ki Jai.
      I am Mr. Dinesh Kumar living in Fiji which is very far away from India. 50% of population are Hindu. I dont know what method I should apply to meet Guruji. Infact I wanted to arrange a visit for him to Fiji. We’ll see if lord Hanumana gives that permission.
      Jai Sia Ram .
      Dinesh Kumar
      Fiji Island.

    • Namaskar,
      I applied for Arji from my home on Tuesday and I saw Lord Hanuman in my dream also early Tuesday morning, I didn’t saw monkeys after Arji for 2 days infact within those 4 days once I saw Dhirendra Shastri and Laal Hanuman g and one day I saw Panchmukhi Hanuman g in my dream, so Is my Arji accepted ? should I visit Bageshwardham.
      Jai Balaji Maharaj !

      • A Big YES! Your bhakti is so pure that’s why your Arji got accepted.
        Just start your peshi according to your comfortable timing and complete the 21 peshi. Don’t think about the PARCHI and visiting the Dham on Tuesday or Saturday. Your all wishes are getting started to fulfilled.
        Continue your peshi at the interval of 1 month, 2 month or 3 month, And you’ll meet with Guruji for sure.

  1. 1) how long we have to quit onion and garlic?
    2) how long we have to coconut in pooja room?
    3) what to do afterward that coconut?

    • 1) Until you have no faith in Bala Ji Hanuman. Listen, If you’ll quit forever, Hanuman Ji will love you forever. In some circumstances, if you cannot quit forever, you can start after your wishes are fulfilled.
      2)There is no any fix time. But you’ll have to find your free time to go to Dham as soon as possible after your Arji is accepted.
      3)After applying the Arji, put it in your home temple. If your Arji is accepted, go to the Dham, tie not at the Dham. and start your Peshi(Visiting Dham in a fixed interval time).

      if you have other query, please feel free to ask.

      • Question about peshi;
        1) peshi can be done by visiting any Hanuman temple near to us?
        2) or peshi has to be done bageshwar dham, MP only?
        Because i leave at Sirsi, Karnataka. 1650 km from Bageshwar dham.

        • 1) No, You have to visit Bageshwar Dham. But Daily pooja, Sundarkand, Sanklap can be done at the nearest Hanuman ji temple.
          2) Yes
          When your Arji is accepted, you’ll have to come to the Dham. It is mandatory. People usually come from out of India, if their Arji is accepted.

      • Namaste, I’m living in UK. I have two problems! One is for health of my son in law. He is suffering from epilepsy.and wants my other son in law to get less stress at his job. I want him to be relaxed at work. He got really good job, high position but he has to work hard till very late.
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    Thank you!

      • Baba koch kripa karo mujhe dham ke darshan karne he isi Sunday ko Balaji Maharaj ki Jai Ho
        Sabka Bhala Karna Baba
        Sabko Khush rakhna baba
        Manoj Goutam

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    Baba my company is going through a very bad downfall. I want to put arji but I cannot do it at my home.
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    • Did you read article carefully.
      1. Bageshwar Dham is situated in Madhya Pradesh not in Delhi.
      2. You’ll have to visit the Dham for peshi, when your Arji will get accepted.
      3. Without Peshi, your wish may not be fulfilled. Peshi is mandatory.
      4. If you are unable to visit the dham, you are living abroad, do the request to Sanyasi Baba and Bala Ji while worshiping to make the visit possible.

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    I want to see Guruji at Bhageshwar Dham. I have problem of my son. Please give me date & Time. I am from Mumbai, Andheri West.

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    Myself and family is suffering badly with many problems and i have applied for arji 6-7 times in our home mandir . Akhand jyoti is also in front of Bageshwar bala ji from last 3-4 months . also following rules as told above but my arji is not getting accepted . but once i have darshan of shri hanuman ji face in dream. kindly margdarshan karein.

    Suresh Kumar Sharma
    Vijaypur Jammu

  25. Guru ji Charan Vandan

    Jo 23 August 2023 se 27 Aug 2023 tak bageshwar dham main chandi yagna ho raha hai kya uske liye ghar se bhi sambhav hai. uske liye kya karna hai kitni sankalp rashi hai, kis account main paise bhejne hai. Kripya margdarshan karen

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    Brother I am student staying in room rent. I have picture of Goddess but not proper mandir , then where shall i put the coconut or study table is accepted ?

    Thank You
    Love from Meghalaya

  27. Om Shanti ✨ Om Bageshwar Namah ! Jai Shree Ram !

    Dear Brother,
    1) If arji is not accepted do we have to replace with another new cloth and coconut or the same coconut which was not accepted is used ?2) Brother do we need to chant the mantra “Om Bageshwar Namah” for 4 days or until our wish get fulfilled… !🦋🌈

    Thank You
    Love, Light & Divine Blessings ✨

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  29. Namaskar, I did hear about Bageshwar and used to think that it is in Uttarakhand. Only 4-5 days back, I happened to discuss with my husband and got to know of the divine power of Bageshwar Dham. Felt so ignorant of myself though I am a staunch believer of God with strong faith.

    I need to meet Guruji. Please help. On this site, read about Arji from home and I will surely do it.

    Have worked for more than 25 years in social sector space for underprivileged section of society. I need help at personal fro t.

  30. How to know whether to tie the coconut in a red cloth or black cloth? In case of doubt, which color cloth to be used? Thanks

  31. Can we do all three red,yellow and black sepratly wrap for arji at one time or separate times also if arti not accepted what to do with that coconut at throw in river or what. Can we still visit bhageshwar dham

  32. Om Shanti ! Om Bageshwaray Namah ! Jai Shree Ram !

    Dear Divine Brother,

    While doing the 4 days arji if we get a period do we need to restart again ? Also whether we can chant the mantra “Om Bageshwaray Namah” during the period or not.

    Love and Light !

  33. Namaskar. Om Bageshwaray Namah!

    Yesterday, before sunrise I made my arji and whole day I was seeing many pictures of Hanuman ji on twitter which normally I don’t see on that platform and today also I got a video on facebook with a girl feeding a group of monkeys. I find it unusual, hope my arji is accepted.

  34. Jay Hanuman,
    Can I do two arji’s at one time with two different coconuts with red cloth tied? And if Arji not accepted from Tuesday can I do it on Saturday the same week? Please explain the proper procedure..
    Thank you.

  35. I made my arji 3 weeks ago. Didn’t dream so do you think I should do another arji and start from scratch 🙏🏼 thank you . Jai Bhageswar Bala Ji 🙏🏼 .

  36. Jay hanuman! Jay Bageshwar Dham ki!
    Jay Shree ram🙏🙏
    Please reply, if we are on period do we allowed to do mala with chant Om Bageshwaray namah!l and also I did put two arji with two different coconut and coloured clothes as you said in previous comment, One for myself and second one for my real brother, do I have to do two mala’s everyday? I am in Edmonton, Alberta Canada and my brother is in Vadodara, Gujarat India. Please guide me. Sorry for the confusion!!
    Thank you!

    • Jai Shree Ram, Ankita Sister🙏
      1. You can chant with Mala.
      2. Yes, you should do two mala. and while starting second mala you can say, “Hey Balaji, I am offering this mala to you for my brother.”
      Suggestion – If your brother can do Arji and Mala, convince him to do so. Balaji will accept his Arji quickly because he will do it for himself.

  37. Jay Shri Bageshwar Dham 🙏
    Om Bageshwar namah🙏🙏
    Thank you brother for the reply with suggestion 🙏🙏 and thank you for taking time to read and giving me reply🌺
    But my brother is very alcoholic and also he is not listening to anyone at all no matter what and who even though from my dad and my mom was keep on telling him that not do what he is still doing the same even though my mom is not alive anymore and she was very very upset because of him. He is not talking to anybody in the family and he has lots of ego ( I am right only) but he lives with his wife and one son and age is 12. They are not happy with him because he is having all bad habits. Also he doesn’t have job right now because of his bad habits. That’s why I am doing for him. I hope Shri balaji prabhu, will listen to me and accept my both arji. I am following all steps. I do have faith on him. I will not regret to do. Jay Shree ram🙏🙏Jay bajrangbali 🙏🙏

      • Jay Shri ram🙏🙏
        Jay Hanuman 🙏🙏
        Thank you so much brother 🙏🙏
        Is there any way that I can send you his pic from email if possible??
        I am not able to bring him at bageshwar dham at all and also for myself I cannot come right now as I am not in India. I hope can understand my situation.
        Please advise and give me suggestion!!
        Thanks again!!
        Jay Shri bageshwar dham sarkar ki🙏🙏

  38. Bageshwar balaji baba, I am in Chennai Tamilnadu, 50 year old woman with less monthly income. I want to give an Arji. Where shall I give the coconut after my arji is accepted? Please reply. No one is answering my questions Kindly help me with my questions🚩🚩🙏🙏

  39. Jai sri bageshwar dham 🙏🙏
    Kindly reply as I tried various methods to contact bageshwar sarkar through E-mail, WhatsApp, YouTube channels on how to do an Arji.
    What to do with the coconut if accepted and if not accepted?
    How to choose a coconut? I mean u mentioned to use coconut without water. Is it dry coconut or something special? I am from Chennai Tamilnadu and what to do if I may not be able to come due to my illness and financial problems. Please please please reply My email is

  40. Namaste guruji mujhe samajh nahi aa Raha ki mujhe kis kapde m arji lagani chahiye mere husband ka kisi or ke sath affair h jiski ki wajah se hamare Ghar bahut jyada jhagda rhta h mere Ghar walo ne Mera sath diya to unse b baat nahi krna chahte marte b the life m bahut kosis ke baad b mujhe success nahi mil Rahi socha khud kr leti hu Ghar ki jimmedari b nahi lete kuch bs mammi papa and girl friend yahi dikhta h unhe hamari ek beti b h m chahti hu wo apni family ka dhyan rakhna suru kre and mujhe mere Ghar walon se b door na kare unse b waise hi relationship rakhe and Mera career b ban Jaye meri beti ko uske papa ka pyaar mil Jaye hm ek Ghar m rhte h pr bahut jhagde hote h. Please mujhe bataye ki m kis colour ke kapde m Bandhu

  41. jay Guruji
    Om Bhageshwar Namah…. I wanted to know if you Arji is not accepted can you use the same coconut to make Arji again…..
    Also if your Arji is accepted and you are unable to come to Bhageshwar Dham due to health problems,,, What should I do…..

    • No, same coconut will not be use again.
      No need to worry, just joint your hand in front of Balaji(Of your home temple) and tell him clearly about the reason behind not visiting the dham. And ask him to cure the health issue so that you can visit the Dham.

  42. Jay Shri hanuman🙏🙏
    Jay Shri ram🙏🙏
    I just want to ask you that I am trying to contact this on WhatsApp no. ⁨063674 63431⁩, Is it real Bageshwar dham sarkar’s number bcoz I’m afraid with lots of scam out there??? Please please advice brother I hope you don’t mind with my comment.
    🙏🙏 Jay siyaram 🙏🙏

  43. Jai Shri Ram
    Jai Bhageshwar Dham Sarkar
    Jai Sanyasi Baba

    1. I wish to visit Bhageshwar Dham. On What days of the week, I should visit. Can I visit on any day?
    2. Can I attend Divya Darbar without applying Arji?
    3. What generally every one has to at the Dham when they visit?
    4. What pujas can be offered to lord Hanuman at Dham when we visit?

    • 1. You can visit at any days of the week. No need to think about Tuesday & Saturday.
      2. Yes
      3. Question is not clear
      4. (a) First apply the Arji at the dham with coconut. (b) Do the parikrama of 1, 3, 5, 7 according to your strength. but 21 parikrama is recommended. (c) Get the darshan after parikrama. (d) [Optional] If you have time do the 108 Hanuman chalisa paath or sundarkand at the dham.

  44. Om Bhageshwar Namah,
    I need urgently to speak with Guruji as having lots of family problems.
    Please can i whatapp him I live in Leicester
    thnak you

  45. Can you please inform Guruji’s schedule for November? Will he be at the dham between 15th nov to 15 dec?

    Does he have any schedule for USA or Canada or Dubai?

  46. मेरे गुरुदेव के चरणो में कोटि कोटि बार प्रणाम,🙏🏻😌श्री सीताराम मेरे गुरुदेव, गुरुदेव मेरे यहां बंदर सोफ़ा में बैठ के सुंदरकांड का पाठ सुनने आते थे ,जब भी आपका कथा टीवी में चलाती थी उसे सुनने के लिए आते थे ,गुरुदेव आप मेरे छोटे बेटे को धाम बुलाए थे जब आप छत्तीसगढ़ आए थे, छोटे,बिट्टू को धाम बुलाए थे मैं धाम गई थी गुरुदेव पर आपसे मुलाकात नहीं हो पाया, मैंआपका शिष्य हूं आप मुझे अपना शिष्य बनाया हो मेरी कोई औकात नहीं गुरुदेव की मैं आपको अपना गुरू बना सकूं , मेरे गुरुवर आप हमेशा कृपा बनाए रखना , बच्चों पर कृपा बनाए रखना आशीर्वाद देना गुरुदेव🙏🏻😌

  47. Jai Shree Ram, Jai Bageshwar Dham, Jai ho Sanyasi baba ki.
    I am suffering from anxiety and depression from past 7 to 8 years. Facing some or the other personal and financial issues. No stability in job. Bad relation of my parents and lots of kalesh. Visited a lot of temples, removed nazar, etc. Still no relief. Currently on psychiatric medication for control of brain as body becomes out of control. What should be done in this case. I want to find out if any black magic is done. If I tie black cloth to the coconut and put arji how will I get the answer to my question.
    Is there any pitru dosh or someone hs done some vidya? As some guruji has claimed that it is vidya done on our house.

    • Listen, don’t get hesitated. Apply the Arji from your home. Follow the rules and regulation strictly. after accepting your arji, start your peshi at the dham. and whatever your question is, will get your answer in your dream. but remember one thing, bhakti should be the pure and do the complete surrender in front of balaji. He will take care of everything.


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