Unlock the Power of Hanuman Ji: How to Solve Your Problems and Fulfill Your Wishes in Just 7 Days at Home

Welcome to ShriBageshwarDham.com, this article is based on real experience about the powers of Hanuman Ji and how you can solve your problems and fulfill your wishes at home. Almost everyone is suffering from some problems and sometimes they got frustrated and face the extraordinary critical condition in their life. Let us tell you what is the process of fulfilling wishes by worshiping Lord Hanuman ji…

Why Hanuman Ji?

As many of you know, Bala Ji is the name of the child form of Lord Shri Hanuman Ji. Let’s know the why Hanuman for the fulfillment of your wishes.

If you are Sanatani (Hindu), you should know 7 people are Chiranjeevi in this Kalyug.

  • Hanuman.
  • Parshuram.
  • Ashwatthama.
  • Maharshi Vyasa ( Ved Vyasa)
  • Vibhishana.
  • Raja Bali.
  • Kripacharya

Except for Hanuman, 6 members are living with their purpose but Shri Hanuman is living in this Kalyug for our help. because when Shri Ram Ji returned to Saket Dham from the earth, he ordered Hanuman to stay here sake of their devotee.

So, if you are a devotee of Shri Ram Ji and Hanuman, he will protect you every time. Only you should have ultimate faith in him. because Shri Ram ji said to Hanuman while leaving this earth that when a true devotee of mine needs help in trouble, you’ll have to take care of him. and you know when Shri Hanuman sees a pure devotion in your heart about Shri Ram and himself. He will be compelled to help you.

There are so many true incidents happening every day while Bala Ji Hanuman helps every devotee. He sees everything, He knows everything. Until you need to call him with the fulfillment of pure devotion in your heart, I’m 100% sure he’ll come and help you in the form of anybody only you need to recognize him.

Unlock the Power of Hanuman Ji

How to Unlock the Power of Hanuman Ji

Many people believe there is the power of Hanuman Ji who can give you what you want in your life but they don’t know how to unlock the power of Hanuman Ji for himself/herself. Let’s understand how to unlock the power and get the blessing of Shri Hanuman.

First of all, you should know the characteristics of him. Let’s see…

  1. He is Brahmachari.
  2. He is the utmost devotee of Shri Ram Ji.
  3. He is disciplined in the manner of their duty, work, devotion, etc.
  4. He conquered Kamadeva.
  5. He is multi-skilled, etc.

There are so many characteristics of Shri Hanuman like he has 8 Siddhi, 9 Nidhi, etc.

To unlock the power of Hanuman for you, you’ll have to follow these characteristics of him. But talking about how to fulfill our dreams with the blessing of him we need to take Sankalp (pledge) to get their blessing and power in life. Let us understand the process of fulfilling the wishes.

What is the Sankalp(Pledge)

Sankalp is, worshiping a god with some intention like to get fulfill wishes or getting any siddhi. and your worship should be performed in a very disciplined manner. You’ll have to follow strict rules regarding your worship and your god.

Step by Step Procedure to Take the Pledge

Sankalp(Pledge) is the only way to get their blessing and power of him to fulfill your dreams/wishes. If you are suffering from any problem in your life this Sankalp (Pledge) will help you to get rid of that. Find the following step-by-step procedure to take the Pledge…

Step 1: On Tuesday or Saturday, wake up in the Brahma muhurta (1hrs 36 mins before sunrise), take a bath, and wear clean clothes. Do the cleaning in your home temple, and if you have a statue of Hanuman Ji or Bageshwar Bala Ji photos that will be great otherwise you can have printing photo of Bageshwar Bala Ji. and take some stuff like
1. A pot fill-up with Ganga Jal or normal water.
2. Flowers
3. Rice Grains
4. Incense lamp or Diya
5. Statue of Hanuman ji or Photos of Bageshwar Bala Ji.
6. Prasad [Laddus or Jaggery and Gram, etc.]
7. Asana/mat [Red color recommended]

Step 2: Mix vermilion in jasmine oil and put the tilak on the forehead of the Bala Ji Hanuman.

Step 3: Lit the incense lamp or Diya

Step 4: Remember in your mind and pay gratitude to the Shri Ganesh Bhagwan to complete your worship and pledge by chanting the mantra- Om Shree Ganeshay Namah

Step 5: Sing/chant any one of the following Shree Ram ji bhajans for Shri Hanuman.
1. Shree Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram.
2. Jai Siyaram, Jai Jai Hanuman, Sankat Mochan Kripa Nidhaan.
3. Sitaram Hanuman, Sitaram Hanuman

Step 6: Take rice grains, flowers, and water in your right hand. Close your eyes, meditate for Bageshwar Bala Ji, and say…

Sankalp: “Me [Your name], gotra [gotra name-optional], today [Vikram Samvat Year] [Hindi Month name] [Hindi Day Name] in/at [Place name] is taking sankalp and I wish [your wishes]. Please, Bala Ji Hanuman listen and accept my prayer and I’ll do the Hanuman Chalisa Path [5 times, 7 times, 11 times, 21 times, 51 times, 101 times, or 108 times] for you at the same time for [7 days, 11 days, 21 days, 51 days, 101 days]”

Example of 16 May 2023 – Me Shashank Kumar, gotra Shandilya, today vikram samvat 2080, Jyeshtha, Dwadashi, in the Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, Bharat is taking sankalp and I wish [wishes]. Please, Bala Ji Hanuman listen and accept my prayer and I’ll do the Hanuman Chalisa path 11 times for you at the same time for 21 days.

Put down all the stuff in front of Bala Ji Hanuman. And chant Om Bageshwaray Namah at least 5 times and a maximum of 108 times. Chanting 5 times Om Sanyasi Devay is optional, it is mandatory for regular devotees of Bageshwar Dham.

Step 7: Again take some rice grains, flowers, and water in your right hand. And Chant the following mantra

Sanskrit Shloka
अतुलितबलधामं हेमशैलाभदेहं
(atulitabaladhāmaṁ hemaśailābhadehaṁ)
दनुजवनकृशानुं ज्ञानिनामग्रगण्यम् ।
(danujavanakr̥śānuṁ jñānināmagragaṇyam ।)
सकलगुणनिधानं वानराणामधीशं
(sakalaguṇanidhānaṁ vānarāṇāmadhīśaṁ)
रघुपतिप्रियभक्तं वातात्मजं नमामि ॥
(raghupatipriyabhaktaṁ vātātmajaṁ namāmi ॥)

॥ ॐ हनुमते नमः ध्यानार्थ पुष्पाणी समर्पयामि ॥
(॥ om hanumate namah dhyaanaarth pushpaani samarpyami ॥)

After chanting this mantra put down rice grains and flowers in front of Bala Ji Hanuman.

Step 8: Now, you can start Hanuman Chalisa Path. During the path try to focus on Bageshwar Bala Ji Hanuman. and at the end do the Hanuman Aarti.

NOTE: You have to take Sankalp on the first day only, so you’ll have to follow the full 8 steps. From the second day of worship, you’ll have to skip Step 6.

Essential Guidelines to Complete the Pledge

There are several guidelines to worship Shri Hanuman Ji. We will discuss the most important of them.

  • Devotees should follow the Brahmacharya even if they are married.
  • Avoid all types of Tamasic Food and Materials like Meat, Chicken, Onion, Garlic, Cigarette, Wine and Tobaco, etc.
  • Follow the same time and place for worship.
  • Avoid abusing and bad words in your communication.
  • Don’t do the backbiting about anyone.
  • Don’t lie, otherwise keep silent if you can’t at some places.
  • Use the same asana for worship (Optional).

What next if Pledge didn’t Complete

Find out the reason why your Sankalp get not completed. Re-check the guidelines you have followed properly or not. If you have done any mistakes or you have skipped any day of worship. You’ll have to restart the Sankalp on Tuesday or Saturday by apologizing in front of Shri Hanuman Ji that you will not repeat the same mistake and you’ll complete your Sankalp and ask for the blessing to complete the pledge.

What next if Pledge got completed but wishes not

If your Sankalp or Pledge got completed but wishes not, remember that, did you have done any mistakes or doubts about Shri Bala ji Sarkar? If you will not do any mistakes to complete the Sankalp or you didn’t have doubts about Shri Bala ji Sarkar, you’ll notice that your wishes are being fulfilled.

Anyway, you can repeat your Pledge.

Note: Only moral wishes are fulfilled by Lord Shri Hanuman Ji.

How you’ll get to know you Sankalp is getting Successful

You’ll see your wishes are getting fulfilled one by one. It may take some more time to get completed. You’ll notice some miracles are happening in front of your eyes. Like some unimaginable opportunity, you’ll get, some signs you’ll feel, some indication you’ll see in your dreams.

The miraculous part is that you’ll feel you are being happier than before and you’ll sense somebody is around you and taking care of yourself.

Real Experiences of Devotees

Someone I know very well, shared his experience while worshiping Shri Hanuman Ji to complete his Sankalp. Approx. 8-10 days after taking Sankalp, he was reciting the Hanuman Chalisa by lighting a lamp(Deepak). Suddenly, he found some Sindoor(vermilion) in his Deepak.

It is a sign that Shri Hanuman ji is accepting the worship. And he said his wishes started getting fulfilled just after 10 days from the day he began worshiping.


This article is for everyone in this world, he/she can be from any religion or he/she can be ashiest also. Only you’ll need to believe in Shree Bala Ji Hanuman for some days to unlock the power of Hanuman Ji and to fulfill your wishes. But you’ll have to follow the guidelines strictly.

Some people begin their Sankalp in excitement but they don’t have complete faith in their hearts as a result their wishes never get fulfilled even if they followed every guideline properly. So you are advised to surrender yourself before Hanuman Ji with complete faith and tell him that from now on I’m yours and you are mine. Start your worship and do the Chalisa with full faith, you’ll realize the power of Hanuman Chalisa.

Do the needful comments if you have doubts or how much you like the article, kindly share your opinion after reading this article. and let us know how we can improve. That’s all I want to share with you the power of Hanuman Chalisa in English.


How to worship Hanuman Ji for wish fulfillment?

First, avoid Tamasic Food and follow the Brahmacharya. Then Start your worship on Tuesday or Saturday. Keep complete faith in the heart. He’ll listen to you and accept your worship for 100% sure.

How can I get Hanuman powers?

Do worship him and follow the above guidelines strictly.

What is the real power of Hanuman?

When he’ll accept your worship, he’ll never let you down and he’ll save you from any betrayal. and thinking of the real power of Hanuman Ji is impossible because he is a god.

How to get Hanuman blessings?

Worship him with some strict guidelines which are mentioned above.

What makes Hanuman angry?

Eating Non-veg or Tamasic Food, indulging in sexual activity, not having control over yourself, and trolling Sanatan Dharma, our gods make Hanuman Ji angry.

Why is Hanuman so powerful?

Because he is god and has 8 Sidhdhi and 9 Nidhi. And most important He is Ram Bhakt that is the only thing that makes Hanuman ji so powerful.


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